Jill Filipovic is a New York-based writer, consultant and attorney. She earned her B.A. in Politics and Journalism with a minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies from New York University.  She received a J.D. from NYU School of Law, and spent three years working as a litigator at a top 100 New York law firm. She runs the popular website Feministe and contributes to a variety of other publications. Her essays have appeared in the Yale Journal of Law and Feminism and the anthology Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape. She now consults, writes and speaks about gender, digital strategy and legal issues. 

New Media


Jill's work spans a range of fields, from lifestyle start-ups to sustainable fashion nonprofits to political organizations. She builds innovative and effective digital strategies, carefully tailored to an individual client's needs. Jill also collaborates with Valenti Martin Media, a consultancy that uses online media to elevate social change.

Feministe, which Jill has edited since 2005, has won a variety of awards and was recently named one of Forbes' Top 100 Blogs for Women. Her past editoral experience also includes AlterNet's Reproductive Justice & Gender section; the Journal of Law and Social Change at NYU Law, and the NYU School of Law Alumni Magazine.

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April 4, 2012


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March 26, 2012


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October 5, 2011




Jill Filipovic works with organizations, companies and individuals to bolster their media exposure and to help them establish and grow their online presence. She shares her diversity of journalistic, new media and corporate experience with a variety of clients to execute successful digital strategies.

Social and New Media Strategy. Anyone can set up a Twitter or Facebook page -- what organizations and individuals really need is someone to assess which social media tools are right for them, and to design creative and comprehensive media strategies to meet their goals. Jill helps clients develop and expand their social media presence, using a variety of innovative tools and tailoring campaigns to a client's specific needs. She offers social network and blog development; network and blog management; blog outreach and communications; strategic message development; and new media campaign strategy, implementation and monitoring.

Speaking and Workshops. Jill speaks about gender politics, law, new media, feminism, social justice, reproductive rights, sexuality, and online harassment at universities, on panels, at events and to organizations around the world. Select past speaking engagements include Trinity College Dublin; the NYU School of Law; Yale University; Columbia Law School; and the Netroots Nation conference.

Writing. As a journalist, freelance writer and blogger, Jill's services also include the writing, editing and placement of opinion editorials, blog posts, press releases, project reports, tweets, and other traditional and new media materials.

Web Design Consultation. Websites should be both beautiful and functional. Your main site, Twitter page, Tumblr, YouTube channel and the rest of your online tools are the face of your organization, and they should send a clear visual message about who you are. Jill works with designers and developers to meet both your aesthetic and usability goals, using her eye for design to assist clients in developing an original "look" and a compelling visual brand.








Jill Filipovic is a consultant, writer, speaker and recovering attorney. She assists fashion and lifestyle brands, legal organizations and law firms, international NGOs, non-profits and corporations in using new media to reach their business and strategic objectives.


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